What They Don’t Tell You About Apartment Hopping In NYC

New Yorkers have a habit of becoming apartment hoppers. Sometimes, it’s because they can’t afford the rent. Other times it’s because they had a bad roommate. Whatever the reason may be, it’s a common trend. But it’s not an easy trend to follow. Jumping between apartments has it’s challenges, especially in a crazy city like New York.

Heavy Furniture And Lots Of Stairs

Many New York City apartments don’t have elevators. These buildings are small (maybe 4 flights tops), but furniture isn’t easy to carry up and down the stairs. It’s an all-day chore that can’t be done alone. You’ll need some volunteers to help you through it. There’s always the option of hiring a moving service, but that can take a hit on your wallet. Hopefully you’ve got a friend in town with a pickup truck!

Or… you can rent a Bedly! Bedly apartments come fully furnished. Each unit has a common space, which renters share. The common space can look different in every building. It all depends on your personal preferences and style. Most of the common rooms have a couch, coffee table, and rug. There is also a table and chairs set up for dining. The common space is also decorated with hand picked artwork on the walls.

There are multiple bedrooms in each unit. Many units have 4 bedrooms, but some may have more or less (depending on the size of the space). There’s a bed in every bedroom, along with a bedside table and lamp. Some units also come with a closet – bonus!

Make your move easier by skipping the heaving lifting. Rent out a Bedly apartment that feels like home as soon as you walk in the door!

Dangerously High Broker Fees

Everyone knows that New York City is an expensive place to the live. Many apartments run between $2,000-$4,000 per month. Throw a nasty broker fee into the mix and all of a sudden your credit score drops to the floor. You want to get a more affordable place to stay, but you signed a yearly contract and have to wait until next June. You start to wish you had rented out a Bedly from the beginning.

Bedly apartments are available to rent on a monthly basis. You can stay for as little or as long as you’d like. No contracts to hold you back! You’ll also avoid a crazy broker fee, which can be almost $4,000! That’s a lot of subway rides going to waste. Opt for a Bedly and you’ll save money on furniture AND broker fees.

Being Forced To Find A Roommate

You waited 22 years to finally live by yourself, and then you Google rent prices in NYC. There’s no way you can afford that by yourself! You wish you didn’t have to find a roommate, but it looks like you have no choice.

Most New Yorkers have roommates because the cost of living is so high. By having roommates, you slash your living expenses in half. But finding the right person to live with can be hard. You want to be compatible with your roommates. It’s essential that you and the people you live with share common interests. It seems that with 8 million people in the same city, finding a roommate can’t be that complicated. But living situations is a touchy subject in New York City.

If you’re looking for a roommate because you can’t afford your own place then the search ends here. Bedly is the answer for you! Bedly units are rented on an individual basis. This means that you can rent a room without needing a roommate to throw in for half the cost. Utilities and WiFi are also included in every apartment!

There are multiple bedrooms in every Bedly unit. Instead of searching for a roommate so you have some company, another renter will come along on their own. A lot of Bedly renters share the same interests. They’ve come to experience the New York lifestyle. If you’re new to the city and struggle with meeting new people, Bedly has you covered. You and your new roommate can head out on the town! Maybe even join the Bedly crew when they’re hosting one of their monthly happy hours!

Whether you’re moving in from a different state, or just switching boroughs – apartment searching in New York City is a tough job. Lugging furniture up and down the stairs is a nightmare. Paying broker fees and getting sucked into contracts kills your bank account. And finding roommates is a social anxiety attack waiting to happen.

Luckily, Bedly has the solution to all your moving problems. Living in New York City has never been easier! You’ll get a fully furnished apartment, cozy enough to move into on the spot. With free Wifi and utilities, you can save your hard earned money for more important things (like happy hour). Not to mention that huge chunk of change you won’t have to waste on a broker fee. Get yourself a Bedly today so you can start living out your New York City dream!


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