7 NYC Startups Making Your Holiday Shopping Easier

We’ve scoured the internet to find the best gifts for everyone on your shopping list this holiday season—all from fellow NYC startups.

December in New York City means Christmas trees peeking through office lobby doors, multi-colored lights strung around fire escapes, and flocks of doe-eyed tourists peering into Macy’s windows. It’s the time of year New Yorkers start avoiding midtown and the seasonal influx of pedestrian traffic. But, if you’re like most millennials, you’ve waited until the last minute to do your holiday shopping. So you find yourself wondering: how do I find the perfect gift for everyone on my list without succumbing to extensive checkout lines and the overburdened sidewalks of Fifth Ave?

This December, say ‘no’ to the retail conglomerates, with overflowing pockets and blunt marketing campaigns. Instead, relax at home and order directly from some of New York City’s best and newest startup companies.


There was a time when I relied on biannual visits to the dentist for my toothbrush supply. Ok—that time ended only a few months ago…but for good reason. I recently discovered Quip and have since become obsessed. Quip decided to bring something new to the oral hygiene industry and created a sleek electric toothbrush that’s more of a lifestyle brand than a consumer product. They believe in making oral hygiene enjoyable, and promoting healthy dental care one mouth at a time. But to be honest, I’m really just in it for the bomb-looking toothbrush so when I go away with friends they marvel at how cool my bathroom products are.

Founded in 2014 by two industrial designers, this Brooklyn-based company has got you covered for the perfect roommie gift. And if you’re getting one for your roommate, you might as well get one for yourself. That’s just good bathroom Feng Shui.

$40 – $65 getquip.com


When I first moved to NYC, I noticed a sudden and drastic decline in the quality of my skin. My face was a sponge to the air pollution and straight up garbage ecosystem we live in. Help your friends keeps their complexion looking flawless with quality beauty products focused on tone, texture, and hydration. Glossier puts skincare first—before you even start thinking about make up.

From illustrious roots in fashion at Conde Nast, the founder of Glossier knew a thing or two about beauty. So, in 2014 she started Glossier to sell simple makeup that brings out women’s natural beauty. From “boy brow” to “haloscope,” these products will bring out your girlfriends’ true beauty (while also combating the skin fatigue we all get after a weekend of holiday parties).

$16 – $65 glossier.com


Guys can be the most difficult people on your list to shop for. They’re picky, hard to please, and quite frankly, just hard to understand. What better way to tell your boyfriend you love him than saying, “hey you’re cute, but I wish you smelled a little better”? Hawthorne’s team of master perfumers put together custom scents using premium ingredients, all based on individual surveys. After filling out a few questions on their website, the digital “lab” concocts personalized cologne for day and night.

The founders of Hawthorne first became friends when they were 12 years old, and began exploring their entrepreneurial ambitions with a clothing company. They moved on to fragrance in 2016 and have been growing their business in the short time since. The website asks questions like what your guy’s favorite drink is, how hot his body runs, and what he typically wears to work. Then it generates a “work” and “play” cologne—each sold for just $60, or both together for $100. You’ll be happy with bae’s new aroma, and he’ll be glad you offered your two scents (yeah, we went there).

$60 – $100 hawthorne.co


Harry’s Razors

The other most difficult person to shop for? Your dad. One time I asked my dad what his perfect day looked like, and he responded with, “walking the property and picking up sticks.” Well that’s great, dad—I’m glad you enjoy the simple things in life, but I can’t gift you a yard full of sticks. So instead, I’m getting him razors. By gifting a subscription to Harry’s, I’m essentially saving my dad countless trips to the drugstore, therefore giving him more time to do the things he actually enjoys.

Harry’s was started in 2012 with a mission to bring quality craftsmanship and simple design to the modern consumer—someone who doesn’t need to go to the drugstore to buy overpriced shaving products. They believe in that mission so deeply, they bought their own factory in Germany.

$13 – $30 harrys.com



This NYC based company has picked up a lot of steam the past few years. After its founding in 2011, BaubleBar has only continued to grow. By offering direct to consumer on-trend jewelry at a reasonable price, BaubleBar taps into an audience set that have previously been frustrated by a lack of quality options. The two co-founders, Amy Jain and Daniella Yacobovsky, met while working in investment banking and then attended Harvard Business School together. And we’re glad they did—because it was around that time the duo came up with the idea to sell jewelry.

From tassel earrings to statement necklaces, this ecommerce site has plenty of options to dazzle your mom this holiday season. They even have holiday gift sets boxed up just ready to be wrapped.

$10 – $350 baublebar.com

bauble bar
Away Gift Sets

After Thanksgiving, the week leading up to Christmas is the worst time to travel in the US. Streets are clogged with traffic, airports and train stations overrun by suitcase-wheeling travelers, and departure boards adorned with the word “DELAYED” from top to bottom. Make your coworkers’ trek home a little more enjoyable with a gift set from Away, a luggage company looking to shake up the way you travel.

Founded in 2015 by two former Warby Parker elites, Away designed light-weight premium luggage with consumer insights at the heart of its design. From personal experience, I can say there’s few more satisfying feelings than rolling a suitcase through a busy airport on wheels that quickly adapt to changing direction. And the built-in iPhone charger on the carry-on luggage is just the cherry on top.

This year, Away launched five gift sets that will satisfy anyone on your list—especially those coworkers for whom you want to say “Happy Public Holiday #12, you make work slightly more tolerable.”

$45-$95 awaytravel.com



And finally, once you’re done with all your holiday shopping it’s time to treat yourself. Do yourself a favor, and stop by Heyday, a one-stop skincare shop serving up customized facials at an affordable price. I stopped by a few weeks ago and am now hooked. They spend the first portion of your appointment looking at your specific skin type to ensure all treatment is customized to your needs. With a little aromatherapy and gentle facial massage, the 30-min session will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the last couple of weeks of the year. Founded in 2015 with the goal of making facials a more regular part of everyone’s self-care routine, Heyday has quickly become a New Yorker go-to.

$60 – $135 thinkheyday.com


Just like these seven great companies, Bedly is a NYC-based startup too! We were founded in 2015 with the goal of making the search for housing simple and delightful. Since 2015, we’ve grown our inventory of furnished month-to-month apartment rentals in New York City, and expanded to Jersey City and Boston. Check out our latest listings here.




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