On A Time Crunch To Find An Apartment? Here Are Some Tips To Help You Find Something Fast!


Your rent is too high, your roommate is getting on your nerves, your heat is broken, no matter what the reason is, you need an apartment and fast! While moving in major cities, and especially New York City, is a huge pain, there are some key considerations to think through thoroughly before moving. In no particular order, here is a list to help you find your next place quickly!

Location! Location! Location!

Assuming that you have your budget set for a new place, start to narrow down your location. Figure out the top three or four neighborhoods that would fit inside your budget and you would potentially live in. You should feel safe and happy in these possible neighborhoods. Narrowing this down helps you stay focused in this time crunch, and lets you navigate websites like, Bedly, easier.

When determining your location, keep in mind distance from public transportation, grocery stores, gyms, and work and/or school. You don’t want this exciting next step in your life to become a burden.

Also start to consider your amenities, which might affect your location. While you’re in this time crunch, list them out by priority and bring this list with you while searching and physically viewing the apartments.

Be Flexible with Your Leasing Options

The most common New York City lease is a 12-month lease. While this option typically comes with a broker’s fee, there are some common websites that help avoid this. However, not signing into a yearlong lease could be more beneficial for you in the end.

By finding an apartment with Bedly, you are able to rent month-to-month. Making that commitment a little easier. And especially if you need to find something quickly, you can hop into one of these Bedly apartments with ease. This helps you from signing a disastrous lease. Your focus is on moving and you might miss the fine print on a lease.

Furnishing the Apartment

While finding an apartment is obviously key, figuring out what you’re going to sleep on is crucial too! Will you be bringing old stuff to the new place? Scouring the second hand stores? Borrowing until you save enough cash? Having answers to these questions can help you narrow down your search even more so you can remain focused.

If you are really pressed for time and can hardly fathom thinking about furniture, look for websites or places that offer already furnished apartments. Bedly is one of these sites.

Each room comes furnished, which will help you save on your wallet and your sanity. No need to spend money on furniture, no need to worry about color schemes. Having your apartment come furnished will let you focus on getting into your new apartment ASAP.

Start Searching

There are plenty of websites and apps that make searching for apartments easy and efficient. Once you have many of the things listed above, like location and lease length, determined, narrowing down to the right apartment will be stress-free.

Most of these sites have a feature for notifications so sync up your email and turn them on! Let the websites do the work for you while you’re commuting or at work. Bedly makes searching easy to navigate. In the search tool you can narrow down to neighborhood, price and move-in-date.  But make sure you are continuously checking! You want to be the first person to jump on new listings and get in there fast!

If you are stuck in a meeting and find the perfect Bedly pad, then take the 3D tour directly on the site and social media. You can get a feel of the unit and the common areas ahead of time. Talk about convenience!

View the Apartment

Typically when you take the leap and schedule to view apartments, you should make them all within the same day. Start early in the morning and book them back to back. If you can, schedule for during the weekday. This will maximize access to landlords and inventory. And if you’re looking at a building that has no doorman, the super will most likely be there during the week as opposed to the weekend.  So take time off and look during the week, you need all the time you can get!

While this is the typical apartment hunting process, listings on Bedly are updated regularly online. With Bedly you don’t have to worry about landlords, inventory, and a ton of viewings because it’s all conveniently located in one place. And if you want to book without seeing it in person, you can do that too!

Be Organized and Ready to Sign

When viewing apartments come prepared. Do some research before you see a place on whether or not you need to submit or bring an application. Many places require this to at least screen your background. If an application is not required, either one will be filled out upon agreeing to take the apartment, or you might have to ask. Not filling out an application could be a red flag that this apartment is suspicious.

Securing your apartment typically comes with fees on top of more fees. Having a check ready to go when you take a tour of the apartment is the quickest way to sign and secure the pad. While you’re researching applications, research the deposits required. At Bedly, all that is required, in addition to a background check, is a first month and deposit due at signing.

Now secure that awesome housewarming party!

If you are in a time crunch to find a new apartment use Bedly! Bedly makes finding rooms in a big city simple and easy, so you can enjoy the other things in life. These rooms already come furnished and you can rent month to month so this is a no brainier!


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