The Struggles Of Moving In New York City

Moving in New York City is unlike anything else – it can be a real pain. Sure it’s exciting to move to a new neighborhood but the whole process itself is not easy. Typically you can’t start looking until a month or weeks before so that’s stressful in itself having to do it so last minute. You also have to be ready to make a huge decision on the spot since it is so competitive here. You have the stress of finding a roommate, it’s expensive, you have to deal with shady brokers and you are locked into a 12 month lease. The list goes on! Below are the top struggles of moving in New York City.

Finding A Roommate

If you’re not one of the lucky few who already have a roommate who is on board and ready to move with you it can be very difficult to find one. You have friends, coworkers and family who you would love to live with but if your leases don’t line up then it’s very hard to make it work without one of you breaking a lease. A lot of people will turn to Craigslist and Gypsy Housing to find roommates but you never know what kind of person you will end up with. They may come across as normal but once you start living with them they could turn out to be a crazy person & terrible roommate! And good luck because you’re stuck with them for the next 12 months.

Move into a Bedly apartment and problem solved! All you have to do is move into one of their units and they take care of filling the other rooms. Some units will already have roommates moved in when you move in. Bedly does a background check on all renters so you don’t have to worry about being stuck with someone crazy. Have a problem with a roommate later down the road? Bedly makes it easy for you to transfer to another apartment.

It’s Expensive

Moving in New York City is not cheap! You have to be ready to shell out some serious cash up front. Broker fees, hiring movers, it all adds up. Broker fee’s can be up to 15%. They take this percentage off of the total you are paying for rent for 12 months. So for an example, if you were paying $3,000 a month for a one bedroom your broker fee would be $5,400. Then you have to pay an application fee (usually around $100), first month rent and a security deposit (most of the times this is last month rent). So right there that is $11,500 and that doesn’t even take into account the movers you have to hire. Movers can cost on average $400-$1,000 depending on how far they have to travel and if they are doing the packing.

With Bedly you can avoid the broker fees & moving fees. Bedly apartments come fully furnished so no need to move furniture or spend a fortune on buying new furniture. Also there are a ton of advantages of moving into a furnished apartment that go beyond just saving money.

Meeting The Qualifications

To move in New York City there is a pretty insane rule that you have to make 40 times of what you are paying for rent. So using the $3,000 example above you would have to make $120,000 annually to sign for an apartment. This is not feasible for a lot of people! A credit check is required as well so if you don’t have fair credit score (620-659 range) it’s going to be hard to rent an apartment. You do have the option to have a guarantor sign for you but not everyone has that option and you can run into problems with that.

Bedly does not require any of that. Just a simple application process!

Dealing With Brokers

You have to be careful and aware when dealing with brokers. In this Thrillist article brokers confess what really goes on behind the scenes. These people barely need any qualifications to become a broker, which is a part of the problem. Many times they will stretch the truth. For an example, a lot of brokers will list fake apartments just to get you on the phone. You make the call then suddenly that unit is “gone”. Also have you ever viewed an apartment that was advertised as a short walk to the subway then to find yourself walking three avenues over? Or apparently it’s a great neighborhood with a ton of cool bars & restaurants and it ends up having none of that.

Being Locked In To A 12 Month Lease

One of the most annoying things about living in New York City that is all to common is having to commit to a 12-month lease. It is especially hard when you are a millennial and your life is constantly changing. A new job opportunity comes up and you find yourself having to commute from opposite ends of the city. Or maybe you got an awesome opportunity in another city but you can’t afford to pay for two apartments. Or if you just moved to the city and aren’t familiar with the neighborhoods you don’t have much to base your decision off of and can end up living in a neighborhood you hate.

With Bedly you aren’t locked into a 12-month lease. You can stay as long or as little as you want. No more turning down opportunities because your lease is holding you back. If you are new to the city test out different neighborhoods until you find one you love. There are a variety of reasons why young professionals love short term leases.

There are endless things to do and places to try in the city along with a great deal of opportunity. Let Bedly take the stress out of moving so you can stop wasting time and money and get to enjoying the city!


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