Tips For Commuting Through Train Delays

Being a New Yorker means eating breakfast on the go and relying on the subway to get to work. The MTA is one of the largest public transportation systems in the country. It’s also the oldest, and definitely not perfect. Unfortunately, the subway gets delayed on a regular basis. It can be a real set-back, especially when you’re on a time crunch. But with the right tricks, commuting through train delays is no big deal.

Check The MTA Website Before Leaving 

Trains often get re-routed when they’re under construction. If there are any changes to your daily commute, the MTA website will post a notice about it. Don’t walk all the way to your train stop just to discover it’s closed for the day.

Follow @NYCTSubway On Twitter 

 Sometimes the subway lines unexpectedly close. Other times, they skip stops or are running on other train lines. @NYCTSubway has all the information you need about the subways at a moment’s notice. This way you’ll know the E train is delayed before you get on, rather than finding out when you’re stuck between train stops for an hour.

Have a Back-up Route Planned 

There’s always more than one way to get to where you’re going on the subway. Find out what the alternate routes are for your daily commute. This way you can switch between subway lines at the moment something goes wrong.

Consider Taking The Bus 

The MTA has an extensive bus line throughout all 5 boroughs. Taking the bus is a great alternative when the subways aren’t running properly. There’s also a feature on the MTA website that tells you when the next bus will arrive. It can even be faster than the subway if you’re not switching boroughs.

Download The Uber Or Lyft Apps 

You’re already short on time and the subways are twice as slow as usual today. The best alternative in this situation is calling a car service. Cars can be more reliable than the subway. It is less likely that there will be an obstacle while driving, because it’s not nearly as complicated as the transit system. And by downloading Uber AND Lyft, you can check between both apps to see which one will give you a cheaper ride.


New Yorkers are known for walking everywhere. If you’re not traveling too far, check google maps for the walking distance. Often times, it’s just as fast (or faster) than taking the subway. It’s also a great way to stay in shape! No wonder New Yorkers are some of the fittest people in the country.

Using these above tips will help you save time and stress. Two things that New Yorkers are always looking to do! Bedly can also help you avoid stress and wasting time. Bedly offers short term housing rentals across the city that come fully furnished with wifi included. No broker fees, being tied down to a 12 month lease or the stress of finding a roommate. One less thing to worry about in your already hectic city life!


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