Best Pizzerias in New York City

Living in New York City means life in the fast lane. It’s almost always rush hour, which means lunch is taken to-go. No wonder pizza is such a New York favorite! It’s cheap, filling, and easy to eat while you’re walking. But it’s hard to choose a pizza shop when there’s one on every corner. To make the search a little easier, we came up with the best pizzerias around New York City. If you live in a Bedly apartment, you’re in luck. Many of these pizzerias are located in the same areas as Bedly.

2 Bros.If you find yourself out for the night in Midtown, 2 Bros Pizza is a great place to stop and eat. It’s a favorite among New Yorkers because it’s cooked perfectly every time and only $1 per slice. And no matter how long the line is, you’ll get your pizza in 5 minutes or less.


Artichoke Basille’sThere are many Artichoke Pizza locations in New York. One on the West side, one in the east side, three in Williamsburg and one in Astoria. If you’re into travelling, there’s also an Artichoke Basille’s Pizza at La Guardia airport. Artichoke Pizza is famous for its giant artichoke slice. At $5 a slice, it’s a bit on the expensive side of the pizza spectrum. However, the artichoke slice is much larger than regular slices, definitely big enough to share.


2 Boots 2 Boots pizzeria (not to be confused with 2 Bros.) is famous for its exotic combinations of pizza toppings. Its quirky décor and unique menu makes it a favorite among New Yorkers. Each shop exclusively features different kinds of pizza. Enjoy the Bella in the Upper West side – spinach and artichoke dip with cayenne, jalapeno peppers and mozzarella. If you prefer meat on your pizza, go for the Royal Tenenbaum in the Upper East Side (equipped with double smoked bacon).


Juliana’sThis shop is located right at the head of Dumbo Park, next to the Brooklyn Bridge. It directly competes with Grimaldi’s, but puts their own spin on a classic favorite. Each pizza is baked with a light, fluffy crust and indulgent ingredients, making it the perfect comfort food. And if you happen to catch the sun set over the water, that’s just a bonus.


Pizza is a classic favorite that everyone enjoys. It’s affordable and practical, especially with a lifestyle on the go. This is only some of the thousands of great pizzerias New York City has to offer. If you’re extra low on cash, 2 Bros. is the place to be. Feeling extra hungry? Take on the massive artichoke slice at Artichoke Basille’s Pizzeria. There are endless opportunities when it comes to taste-testing pizza around the city. Your new favorite spot could be right around the corner!


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