5 Fun Ways to Bond With New Roommates in NYC

Meeting and getting to know your roommates can be both an exciting and tense experience.

You have a general gist of how they’ll be before meeting in person, but it’s a different experience when all you come together and start living your day to day lives under the same roof. With that said, there are ways to get past this seemingly awkward stage and make your new roommates your new buddies!

Here are 5 fun ways to break the ice and develop fun relationships with your roommates:

1 – Over Drinks

Let loose with your new roommates by having a pre-game house party in your new apartment. Have them invite their friends and let the intermingling begin. Once you’re done, check out these one of a kind bars that will give you and your roommates something to talk about once you get back!

2 – Exercise 

Work off that hangover with a group class at any one of the many trendy exercise options NYC has to offer. Some worthwhile and fun options include Classpass and Chelsea Piers. Collectively, these resources provide you with access to hundreds of classes that range from Yoga, Pilates, CrossFit to even a surf-inspired fitness class called SurfSET!

Weather permitting, you can also make use of one of the many, scenic parks and running paths scattered throughout the city.  Using one of these options you and your roommate will be feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the day.

3 – Cooking

Chicken Parmesan Garlic Bread. Mac and Cheese Donuts. Apple Crumble Blondies. There’s a lot of drool-worthy food porn circulating around the internet that you just can’t find specifically at a restaurant. Why not bookmark these viral posts and make a mini roommate staycation out of it?!  Sites like Tasty and Delish have recipes ideas that will get you salivating and gladly opting to stay in.

4 – Concerts

Realize you actually dig the music your roommate plays? That your Pandora playlists are nearly carbon copies? Get the ball rolling on that similarity and purchase some tickets to your favorite artist’s show or plan an excursion to one of the numerous music festivals that get hosted in NYC.  While most concerts are in indoor venues during winter months, the summer brings out an array of fun outdoor options with festivals like Panorama and Governor’s Ball taking place in Randall’s Park.

5 – Swap Tinder Accounts. Seriously 🙂 

What better way to get to know someone than to flirt on their behalf? Log into your dating app of choice on each other’s phones and let your roomie do some swiping and set up a blind date for you. In the process they’ll get to know details about you – they’ll have to learn how to reply to questions like “where did you grow up”, “where did you go to college”, and “whiskey or tequila?” – and will be a fun way to throw each other into some hilariously awesome (and hopefully not too awkward) blind dates. Plus after the dates you’ll both have some great stories to bond over.

Do you have any suggestions for bonding with your roommates? Let us know how it went in the comments!




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