5 Annoying Things That Bad Roommates Do

Used condoms in the sink. Beer cans in the shower. No, you haven’t been teleported back to college, you’re just a grown ass adult living with some less than desirable roommates.

I’ve had my share of horror stories with roommates. I’ve lived in NYC all my life and have had over 30 different roommates in apartments all over the city. Here are 5 telltale signs (along with personal stories!) that you’re living with bad roommates.

1 – They have loud animal sex with their Tinder dates during weeknights

Dating in NYC is worthy of its own series of posts, but I don’t think anything opens the floodgates to resentment more than differences in roommate dating etiquette. Everybody has their own threshold for what they’ll tolerate but there are universal no-no’s that automatically makes a person come across as a disrespectful roommate. Some that come to mind:

  • Roommates that have loud sex without regard to the time or day it is, and how it could disrupt you
  • Roommates that have their significant other over so much that their boyfriend or girlfriend is basically a non-paying roommate
  • Roommates that allow their significant others to hang out when they’re not around so you’re awkwardly tip-toeing around a stranger in an apartment you’re paying for

2 – Spend unreasonably long amounts of time in the bathroom during peak hours

Living with people is always a compromise yet nothing is worse than a bathroom hog in the morning. Especially when they KNOW you have to be at work around the same time as them. It’s a passive aggressive form of the middle finger to you and your time.

Ironically, I noticed this was more an issue with male roommates than female roommates. While I instinctively drew my own conclusions on what could be taking a 26-year-old male an hour and a half to shower, I still felt compelled to corner him and ask. His response? “He wanted to get his hair perfect.” He had a crew cut.

3 – Totally misrepresent themselves during the open house

Does this scenario sound familiar to you? You meet a person who seems to meet all the criteria you looked for in a roommate. In their 20’s? Check. Works full-time, never at home. Check. Says their laid-back and low key. Check. Seemingly perfect.

Fast-forward to week one and all the skeletons start to come out.  It turns out your “laid-back” roommate is an OCD, hermit that’s bankrolled by Dad and is in the apartment 24/7. Looking forward to a little me time on the couch? Good luck that’s your roommate’s favorite napping spot while wearing his Snoopy PJs.  Oh, and don’t you forget to have the salad dressing labels facing forward so the salad dressing is “easily accessible for everyone” and that “the feng shui of the refrigerator isn’t thrown off by your sloppiness and disregard for others.” True story.

4 – Have their stuff completely dominate the space. This includes both physical and auditory

NYC apartments are notoriously small. Understandably, as there’s only so many people you can cram into this bustling metropolis of opportunities and dreams. So, when you walk into a situation where you have your roommate’s belongings overwhelming your shared common space, problems can easily arise. Especially when you feel like you’re living in your roommate’s storage room and your apartment is in no way a reflection of your personal style.

With that said, roommates with bad taste in music have a special place waiting for them in roommate hell. Bad roommates may find this hard to believe, but hearing Chainsmoker’s “Closer” the 200th time doesn’t make it sound any better. Especially when your roommates are still trying to soak up the last few hours of sleep they have left before they start the work day. It honestly just makes them feel more compelled to “accidentally” put Nair in your shampoo.

5 – Never contribute to shared household expenses like cleaning supplies

Being alive is expensive. Being alive in NYC is really expensive.  I don’t know where some people get their sense of entitlement from, but some roommates feel they can cut costs by conveniently forgetting to buy household supplies and freeload off others.  I once lived in a situation where one of the roommates was so annoyed at another roommate’s refusal to contribute monetarily to household supplies that he carried his own toilet paper in protest. After the first day sans toilet paper, the stingy roommate finally got the hint, bit the bullet and bought his first roll of Charmin.


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