How To Host An Awesome Housewarming Party In Your New Apartment

You just moved into your new apartment and finally finished unpacking. It’s been a stressful few weeks, but totally worth all the time and effort. You decide to throw a housewarming party to celebrate. Housewarming parties are great for catching up with old friends, or for meeting new ones! Inviting the right guests is an important part of throwing a party.

Who You Should Invite

Your guest list is a crucial part of the party planning experience. Perhaps you’re new in town and don’t know that many people. You can invite your co-workers or classmates to get to know them. You can also invite your new neighbors. Getting to know the other people in your building is a great way to make connections. If you have old friends in the area, invite them too. A housewarming party is the perfect opportunity to rekindle old friendships.

  1. Plan a budget. Managing your money is essential for throwing a good housewarming party. Figure out how much you’re willing to spend. Consider the type of party you’re planning to throw. If you’re on a tight budget, turn your party into a BYOB (bring your own beer). This way everyone is able to bring their favorite drink, and you won’t have to break the bank on alcohol. If you’re willing to splurge on the event, plan your money accordingly. This will prevent you from accidentally over-spending.
  2. Send out invitations. Hand writing invitations may take too long but social media is a fast and easy way to get your friends buzzing about the party. Create a Facebook event or Instagram post to spread the word! Find out who can make it and who’s unavailable. After everyone RSVP’s you can shop for the right supplies to accommodate all your guests.
  3. Decorate! The tone of your party is set through the decorations. If you want to let your personality shine through the décor, go to Michael’s for some simple crafting ideas. If you don’t want decorating to become a chore, use what you already have or go to a party store. Party City and Ricky’s are great places for cheap and simple decorating solutions. Or make it easy and head to the nearest dollar store for some red solo cups and ping pong balls!
  4. Prepare food. A great party isn’t complete without snacks! If your budget allows, have your party catered. It’s an easy, mess-free solution to feeding your guests. If that’s too expensive, go to the local grocery store. There are often pre-made party platters available to purchase. You can also turn your party into a potluck dinner. Have all your friends bring their favorite meal to share. For a really simple solution, you can’t go wrong with a few bags of chips and some great dip!
  5. Make a playlist. Music is another way to set the mood of your party. Don’t let your friends get bored! Good music is the key to having a really fun party. Make a list of songs that everyone will enjoy. You can also throw on your favorite go-to Spotify playlist as a stress-free solution. If you’re feeling edgy, buy a strobe light and make it a full-on dance party.

How To Throw a Stress-Free Party

Moving into an apartment like Bedly means your party planning is already halfway done. Bedly apartments are fully furnished and ready to impress your guests. The common areas are equipped with seating, lighting, and decorations to set the right mood. By following some of the easy steps above, you can throw an awesome party with minimal effort.


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