7 Things to Make Moving Into Your New Apartment Easy

Moving into a new apartment (especially if you’re new to a city) can be daunting. But, if you feel overwhelmed and all on your own — fear not. Over 35 million Americans move each year, and many have experienced the same pains, struggles, fears and frustrations. Luckily, if you have a move coming up there are some easy things you can do to make your moving day easier, so you can get the headache over with and start enjoying your new place. Here are some of the most important moving tips to keep in mind if you’re ready to relocate.

Pack Before Moving Day

Procrastinators, listen up: don’t wait until the morning of moving day to pack. If you’re looking for key insights on how to make moving easier, start packing little by little several weeks before your move is supposed to happen. Start with non-essentials that you don’t need for daily life, like your books and your holiday decor. Then, start packing up more regularly-used items like kitchenware, clothing, and bedding. If you spend an hour or two each day for a couple of weeks, you’ll have your apartment packed before moving day comes, so you don’t have to stress or scramble.

Pack Essentials Separately and Keep Them Accessible

On moving day, you’ll still need certain things available to you. For example, you’ll want medication, you need food to eat, toiletries to help you shower, and your toothbrush, etc. Make sure you keep a box with those items separate from everything else — then keep that box with you. Don’t send it with the movers. That way, you can function as normally as possible during the move and you won’t have to tear through boxes to find the stuff you really need.

Trade Pizza for Help

Getting your friends to help you move is a great way to lower stress and make the process more fun. But, don’t ask for help without planning on giving something in return. On moving day, offer friends pizza dinner in exchange for helping you unload boxes — or, if you want them to help you pack boxes before the move, consider buying beer and making a party of the packing. Don’t forget to offer to help them when they move as well.

Use Clothing to Wrap Breakable Items

Don’t buy tons of bubble wrap to pack your dishes and breakables. Instead, use all the clothes in your closet. Not only is it more environmentally friendly, it’s easier to get than bubble wrap — and it’ll save you money. Use your clean clothing, of course! You don’t want your dishes smelling like your dirty laundry.

You Can Get Free Boxes from the Local Liquor Store

You don’t need to buy all of your boxes when you’re packing to move. Visit your local liquor store and ask them for liquor boxes that they’re planning to discard. That way, you can save money on packing materials, and you can help do the Earth a favor by recycling. Also, consider visiting grocery stores, too — many will often have apple boxes

Take Photos of Assembly-Required Items

Do you have a crazy stereo system setup? Is your bed from Ikea? If you have assembly-required items that you need to disassemble to move, make sure you take photos of how they are assembled before you take them apart. That way, when you get to your new place, you’ll have a visual guide of how to put things back together, and you won’t have to search the internet for YouTube tutorials and old instruction PDFs.

Take Photos of Your New Place Before You Move In

Before moving into a new apartment, take some photos of it as it is. Make sure you document any damage (like holes in the walls, broken light fixtures, etc.) so that you can show that they were there before you occupied the space. Making a security deposit for a big city apartment is expensive — and you want to make sure you get that deposit back when it’s time for you to move out. Consider sending the photos to your landlord right away so you have documentation that both the damage was already there and that you let them know about it.

Have a Plan For When Your Arrive at Your New Apartment

When you arrive at your new apartment, make sure you have a plan. You want to be able to unpack your boxes, get settled, and start exploring the city right away. You’ll also want to have a job in your new city, as paying rent and utility bills can get expensive. Make a schedule for unpacking, seeing new sites, and getting all of your logistics set up. That way, you can enjoy life in your new space — and make sure it really starts feeling like home.

If you are moving for a job or looking for a home in a new city, consider using Bedly. Bedly connects renters directly with open living spaces and landlords so that you don’t have to go through the headache of hunting down and applying for a space. With Bedly, moving to a new city needn’t be scary and overwhelming — it can be fun and exciting!


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