What’s The Best Way To Find A New Roommate

Big cities are often full of people from all over the world. Travelers regularly come and go, so there’s always someone looking for a new roommate. Since rent prices are at an all time high, having roommates has become more popular than ever. Why overspend on an apartment when you can split the cost? But competition is tight, because everyone wants the best deal. And finding the right person to live with can be stressful. When moving into a city where it’s constantly rush hour, you need a reliable roommate by your side. The only thing more fun than exploring a big city is exploring it with someone else!

It can be hard to find a good apartment and roommate when you’re left with Craigslist and other cheap rental sites. The problem with these sites is that they’re very unreliable. Bedly is the perfect solution. Bedly ensures that your living situation is comfortable and affordable. By choosing a Bedly apartment, you’re choosing to simplify your housing experience. No more long-term contracts or broker fees. And all apartments come fully furnished (free wifi included!)  

The New Normal: Roommates are More Common Than Ever

Living with other people isn’t easy. There are a few things you need to take into consideration when looking for a compatible roommate. Maybe you’re extra clean (or extra messy). Maybe you love going out for drinks or getting down at the club. Your ideal roommate will share certain habits and interests with you.

Fortunately there are many ways to find a good roommate. If you love the club scene, take a trip downtown to the Meatpacking District. With a high-end club on almost every corner, downtown Manhattan is crawling with students that love the nightlife. Many of them are trying to get their own apartments. Meeting people at your favorite hangout spots is a great way to find a roommate that’s right for you.

Partying isn’t your vibe? If you’re a homebody, you can find the perfect roommate without ever leaving your Bedly. Social media is a great way to find someone to live with. Facebook connects you with people in your area that share your interests. Just steer clear of paid roommate matching websites – they’re often scams!

Roommates are a great way to meet people and make connections. Your next roommate may be interning for your favorite sports team. Perhaps they’ll be working behind the scenes on a movie. The types of people you find in a big city are anything but ordinary. And they’re constantly on a budget. By choosing to live with roommates, your housing expenses get slashed in half!

How Bedly Connects You With Roommates That Share Your Ideals

Luckily Bedly takes the stress out of finding a roommate. The Bedly project was created with a specific customer in mind. Our renters value quality and affordability. Many are experiencing life in a big city for the first time. They choose apartments in the right location – one that suits their likes and needs. Every unit is unique in it’s own way, and there’s one that’s right for everybody. By renting a Bedly apartment, you and your roommate will naturally have a connection like no other!

Why You Need Roommates You Can Trust

Moving in with a stranger can be intimidating. There’s nothing worse than a new roommate with bad habits. You want your roommate to be trustworthy and respectful. Sharing a living space means you and your roommate should have certain guidelines and boundaries. Don’t get stuck being a parent and doing all the housework!

Luckily it’s simple to set boundaries with your roommates. Make a chore chart or leave reminders around the apartment. Everyone has their own busy schedule, and chores tend to be last on the to-do list. But a tight schedule is no excuse for slacking off when it comes to cleaning.

Although chores are a drag, Bedly makes your living experience a little easier. If one of your roommates moves out, Bedly will provide a free cleaning service for the common space. We also just rolled out free professional cleanings for the common spaces in all Bedly apartments which take place twice each month. Customer service is also available everyday. If you have any issues with appliances, furnishings, or your internet, don’t hesitate to write into our support team, chat with a live agent on the website, or give us a call!


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