Tips for Meeting People in a New City

It can be overwhelming to strike up new friendships and dating when you move to a city such as NYC or Boston. But look at it this way: You’re not really starting from scratch. For example, you can tap into your college’s alumni branch and join clubs for hobbies you’ve had for a long time. Also, there are many NYC/Boston furnished housing opportunities that pair you up with roommates right away – including Bedly. No searching and no hassle on your part.

Alumni Groups

NYC and Boston teem with graduates from a diverse array of colleges. Often, a Google search can tell you the location of the closest chapter. All you need to do from there is show up to an event. If you can’t find out the information through Google, go to your college’s website. For example, the University of California-Berkeley alumni site shows a NYC-area branch, and there’s one for New England, too. Boston-area activities include Red Sox games and happy hours.


Whether your cup of tea is, literally, tea or it’s something such as hiking, reading or photography, there are bound to be lots of area clubs for your hobby. One place to find them is on websites such as Meetup. Non-online avenues include checking the boards at libraries, coffee shops and bookshops. For outdoor adventuring, many sporting goods stores sponsor their own activities or have the scoop on what’s happening.


Apartment hunting can be drudgery. Likewise with searching for roommates. Often, you don’t even have the time to spare for these exercises. Fortunately, there are availabilities for short-term housing in NYC/Boston where all you have to do is fill out an application and then move in. You often get instant roommates and instant socialization opportunities. And, on the off chance you don’t get along, you can opt for a 30-day minimum stay if you go through services such as Bedly. The units are furnished, and your high-speed WiFi and utilities are paid for. Not having to worry about all these tasks also gives you more time to meet new people. Of course, safety can be a concern, so ensure that the apartment service you are considering does background checks and takes other precautions.

When you think of meeting people as something you’re already well on your way into, it becomes less intimidating. You already know your hobbies and where you went to college. Likewise, you can save yourself a lot of stress and guesswork by using a service for furnished rentals in NYC/Boston.


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  1. antongorlin says:

    Being an immigrant myself I can confirm it’s hard to get new friends. Still struggling through it even after 2 years lol.
    The meetup idea is awesome, never heard of it. Will check it out now!


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