Best Areas for Millennials in NYC

NYC has a little something for everyone — and if you’re a millennial planning to move to town, you’re in luck, since there are some areas of New York that are particularly well-suited for young people. The following guide to four of our favorite NYC neighborhoods will help you find that perfect area to start off in NYC!

Upper East Side

The Upper East Side has a reputation for being a little stuffy and wealthy thanks to the beautiful townhouses that line Park Ave. However, in recent years, it’s also become a haven for millennials who want the excitement of the city during the day and then a quiet place to lay their head at night. The part of the Upper East Side particularly well suited to millennials is called Yorkville, and it’s the northeastern most corner of the neighborhood. In Yorkville, you’ll find countless sports bars, coffee shops and restaurants to fit any budget. In addition to having the dining and drinking options millennials like, the neighborhood also has fun stuff to do, like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of the City of New York and Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum.


Looking for trendy? Look no further than Williamsburg, often considered a hipster haven in the heart of northern Brooklyn. Williamsburg has a little of everything: chic, upscale restaurants and stores (like Whole Foods and the Apple Store); bicycle and running trails by the East River; and true dive bars that serve up $2 cans of beers. Williamsburg is quintessentially cool, and it’s a great place for you to be if you’re a millennial that wants to be plugged into the most exciting stuff happening in NYC at any given moment. Williamsburg is a short subway ride to downtown Manhattan and very well connected with the rest of the city.

Clinton Hill

If you’re more into a quiet, residential neighborhood, then Clinton Hill may be a great bet for you. Clinton Hill is situated between gorgeous, expensive Fort Greene and the more recently gentrified neighborhood of Bed Stuy, which means it has a little grit and a little polish. Clinton Hill also has a slew of trendy restaurants and bars, so there’s always something delicious to be eaten or festive to be sipped on.

Feel free to check out our listings on Bedly if you’re interested in moving to any of these neighborhoods!


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