The Best Areas for Millennials in Boston

Although there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all city, there are certain locations in which certain demographics seem to take to over others. Here are a few up and coming areas we’ve found particularly attractive for young people.


Jamaica Plain

Considered a fantastic location for young professionals of every income level, Jamaica Plain just might be the best Boston neighborhood for millennials. Over 38 percent of this neighborhood consists of millennials, and it’s growing rapidly. Those who move to this area enjoy reasonable rent and can take advantage of the recent boom in local development.


Ranked the top city for millennials just last year, Cambridge is considered a “Millennial Mecca” by many in the Boston area. This is due to the large quantity of local restaurants, diners and shopping centers, as well as the lack of crime and unemployment. Overall, this is a fairly safe area with lots of attractions and employment opportunities for recent graduates and people seeking their first apartment.

East Boston

Considered an excellent area for recent college graduates, East Boston has become one of the most highly favored Boston neighborhoods for millennials. East Boston offers relatively reasonably priced apartments and a location that makes for easy access to the Downtown area where there are lots of jobs and nightlife. Representing at least 31 percent of the population in this area, millennials who move to East Boston are in great company.

Overall, there are plenty of happening areas around Boston that millennials love. Feel free to check out Bedly if you’re interested in finding an apartment in any of these neighborhoods !


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